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No more pain! Are you loosing 60% of your online traffic because your website is not mobile actionable? Today, 60% of the searches are on mobile. If viewers can’t read or take action on mobile you lost them. Here is web hosting/ website platform that affordably takes the pain out of mobile actionable sites.


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Learn How To Make Extra $250 to $1,000 Per Week From Home

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simplefreedombook  If you’re ready to learn how to make an extra $250 – $1,000 per week from the comfort of your home by sharing a Simple Little Booklet send me a pm with your home address.

I’ll be heading down to the Post Office today and I’ll send you a FREE copy of one of our Freedom Producing Manuals. 

You don’t have to be a Goo-Roo to earn like one!

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The Simple Freedom Way Of Team And Making Money

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The Simple Freedom Way:

1. Build people and the people will build the business.
2. We hustle to help our teammates get results.
3. We celebrate our member’s success.
4. We do NOT build ourselves up by standing on the necks of our people.
5. We’re different.
6. To us they are not “clicks, leads and transactions” but rather people, customers, affiliates, friends and family
7. We’re unique.  Have fun sharing this video.

A piece of the Simple Freedom Way:

“We build by actually building people up and sharing and documenting their victories, not by standing on their necks and bragging about it.”

Watch the video now at and then go to for 7-min. video to become a team member

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The Power Of Residual Income

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ResidualIncome copy

Do you know “The Power of Residual Income?”  Most people are taught get a good education, get a good job, get a gold watch on day when you retire.  The problem is no matter how much money we make, Americans don’t seem to have much saved or invested the day they retire.

Watch this video for the solution The Power Of Residual Income.  To get more information where you can get Residual Income go to

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Bitcoins Are Alive And Well Despite Reports Of Its Demise

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Bitcoin Now Accepted In Berlin Shops
Bitcoin  Accepted In Berlin Shops

This blog has not reported on Bitcoins for several months while the market was experiencing some volatility.  In the Jurassic Park movie the dinosaurs were supposed to be unable to mate.  And yet they did. The now famous line stated, “Life Finds A Way.”

I would like to apply that to Bitcoins.  “Freedom Finds A Way.”  Any new currency has times of volatility.  Even though most countries don’t recognize Bitcoins as a currency, the Central Bankers are not happy that they are loosing some control.

Here is a excitement about  Bitcoins that appeared in the press over the last several months:

  • People are right to fear paper money… Its only worth less and less over time- Warren Buffet
  • Its changing society- Eric Smith, COB Google
  • The currency of a $10 trillion global market…Mankind is better for it- Forbes
  • Governments couldn’t debase it…Banks couldn’t blow it…Mankind is better for it- Time Magazine
  • Bitcoin may become the world’s payment of choice- Fox Business
  • Astonishingly secure…It could rival the dollar- The Washington Post
  • Better value then what the government provides…It’s a commodity-Ron Paul
  • With Bitcoin there is no sovereign credit risk- Mastercard
  • 200,000 companies are ready to pay in Bitcoin…Firebox and Chrome browsers are ready to use Bitcoins…A radical new approach to Monetary Systems- Microsoft

Ok, that’s enough for today.  But, you can see that Bitcoins have gathered massive attention from the media and for good reason.

Watch for our next update at the end of the week.  You will be amazed who was the first person to devise a standard for us to get off the Federal Reserve System.  Which by the easy is not Federal as it is privately owned by a few wealthy bankers.


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Would You Like To Have The Secret Of The Rosetta Stone Revealed?

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resettastone There Are Three Languages On The Rosetta Stone

You may be asking,” What does The Secret Of The Rosetta Stone Revealed have to do with mobile and social marketing?”
There is a tie-in.  And this is a fascinating story. Just continue to read.
First,  Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics was dead.  Scholars were unable to decipher for a thousand years. Few  people could read or write in those ancient times.  And one day the last person living who could read it died.
Second, that changed 1799.  Napoleon was invading Egypt when one of his officers discovered this ancient stone in the town of Rosetta near the mouth of the Nile.
On the stone a 196 B.C. message was written in three languages.
  1. Demotic- everyday ancient Egyptian script
  2. Greek- language of the Ionian Greeks
  3. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics- the language of priestly business
It took 22 years, until 1822, before Jean-Francis Champollion successfully deciphered the message.
What was the message?  The text was written by a group of priests in Egypt to honor the pharaoh.  It listed all the good things the pharaoh had done for the priests and the people.
So, today “Rosetta Stone” is applied to any key that unlocks a mystery.
One of the great mysteries of the ages is how a few people, maybe 1%, accomplish more and accumulate more wealth than the 99%?
The key that unlocked that mystery was the result of  the 25 year study Dr. Napoleon Hill completed after Andrew Carnegie introduced him to the 500 riches men of the early part of the 20h Century.  Hill spent time in the homes of these men to understand fully the secret they had discovered.
Dr. Hill went onto study another 20,000 people before he wrote his now famous book Think and Grow Rich.  Every chapter contains moneymaking secrets which made fortunes for these 500 people.  But, the reader must discover the secret revealed in each chapter.
Today the secret of wealth creation is monthly residual income. It’s a beautiful thing when today’s income is based on something you did last month or last year.  Watch key that reveals the secret to monthly residual income on this 7-minute video
To your prosperity,
Tel. 978-384-0740
P.S.  Watch key that reveals the secret to monthly residual income on this 7-minute video
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Do Mobile Buyers Avoid Your Website?

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Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 3.53.33 PM  Do Mobile Buyers Avoid Your Website? Increase Your Sales Next Week

The problem today is your business websites are being skipped over by 50% of the Internet searchers because mobile users can not take action on your site. So, I want to give you three things you can do to see if it is a problem for your business.

1. Can your website can be read by all mobile devices?

2. Is your mobile message simple so it can be read on a mobile device?

3. Can mobile users take action on your site?

What are the main benefits to business owner from mobile optimized websites? L. An immediate savings of around 50% on any paid advertising campaigns. Say you spend $400/month driving customers to your site at $2/click and half of them are mobile, you just wasted $200 because they can’t read your site on their phone and after 7 seconds or less they punch off.


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The Business Owner Versus The Entrepreneur

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A business owner and an entrepreneur are not same even though many people use the terms interchangeably.  It’s important to know who you are or you may be frustrating the people around you and not realizing why.

Let’s look at two jewelry store owners to compare and contrast.

Mr. A tells people he is a jeweler or jewelry store owner.  He  is a typical business owner.

If  we visit Mr. A in five years his business has a second store, expanded his first story and added watch repair.

Mr. B owns a jewelry store but that is not how he defines himself.  He is the entrepreneur.  Five years later, Mr. B has special lines of jewelry selling online, he says ten stores, and he has special events for his customers.  He takes is best customers on a trip to the diamond mine where they pick a diamond that is cut specially for them.  Mr. B is also in the travel business, jewelry making business, and special events business.

Mr. B is not satisfied with leaving well enough alone.  In fact, he is constantly stirring up his employees and partners with new ideas, new ways to market, and new ventures.

Mr. A is building a business.  Mr. B is building a small empire.

One is not better than the other.  But, it’s important to know which you are so you have the best work environment so your talents can be expressed.


Richard Branson is the consummate entrepreneur.   He wasn’t happy just building a music storr, he had to build an airline and several dozen other businesses.  He is building an empire.

If this article was insightful, please Like, Share, or leave you questions.

New to online marketing?  I have a profitable way for you to make quick money and step into your own business.  Check out the video on

Bill Moist

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Reflections: Wisdom From An Actor

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Screen Shot ACTOR

Mike Crow’s 3 Days of Secrets Revealed truly did
reveal secrets.
The 3 Days was the 11th annual home inspectors
conference.  Mike is a coach to home inspectors.
Even though I may not have much in common with
the business of home inspectors, I was very comfortable
with the speakers and their subjects.  In fact, it was
one of best conferences I have ever attended.
It turns out Mike Crow coaches home inspectors how
to build a million dollar a year business.  Mike did
it once.  His son has now done it a second time.
And many of his members are or are soon going
to be at the million dollar sales.
This might not seem so impressive at first.  But, if
you realize that the average home inspection firm does
about a hundred thousand dollars a year.
So if you do what Mike tells you to do, you have a
good chance of doing ten times the national average.
It was not surprising that four speakers encouraged
the attendees to study and implement the secrets
contained in “Think And Grow RIch.”  One speaker
had Dr. Hill’s “Major Definite Purpose” and “Self
Confidence Formula” templates in his handouts.
These men and woman are accomplishing what
many of the experts in their industry say is
impossible.  So, of course they have to work
on the limitations in their own minds to be
successful. As we all do.
Have you completed and repeat twice a day your
“Major Definite Purpose” and “Self Confidence
Formula?”  If you have not and need the template,
it can be downloaded at
Click here to watch “Wisdom From An Actor.”
To your freedom,

Bill Moist, Freedom Fighter

P.S. If you are looking for an easy way to make

an additional $600 a month, then go now to

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Everyone is a genius

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I love what Albert Einstein said about genius.

“Everyone is a genius.
But if yo asked a fish to climb a tree,
It would live its whole life believing it was stupid.”

Last October I met a young man who was making $100,000
per month with Internet Marketing.

He said, “I am good at only a couple things.
But, I am very good at those things.”

He found his gift to be copy writing.  He could spin a story
in such a way that before he finished you had your credit
card out and would buy whatever he had.

If this guy came into your business asking for  a job, you
probably wouldn’t hire him to sweep your floors.
But, getting  job and keeping it was not the couple things
he was good at.

What I love about Internet marketing is that is so big that
whatever you’re talent, you can find a place to use
that gift or talent.

Here’s a short list of areas where you may be gifted or
or talented and your next fortune may lie:

  1. Writing/ copy writing
  2. Speaking/ video recordings
  3. Technical/ SEO specialist
  4. Chit chatting/ Facebook chatting
  5. Graphics/ photo marketing
  6. Finding popular videos/ re-publishing videos
  7. Modeling others emails/ email marketing
  8. Traffic generation/ invite others to sales funnel
  9. Advertising/ solo ad  placement
  10. Networking/ Team events
  11. Leadership/ Team training
  12. Join social media groups/ social syndication
  13. Good talker/ invite people to call with voice
  14. Direct mail/ invite people to a marketing event

After you have reviewed this list, which one or two items
are pretty easy for you where you can use your talent or

Success involves focusing on those talents, gifts, and
applying them o the Internet where you can scale quickly.
The example above is not typical.  Results vary with time
spent, experience and capital to invest.

Ok, so how do you implement your talent or gift?

Would you be interested in a FREE offer of powerful
tools to get you started?

Would you like to get $794 in FREE tools plus a Mobile
Application (FREE Upgrade) plus the ability to have
multiple websites hosted for a monthly fee less than
the cost of two lunchtime meals?

Sounds like a no-brainer doesn’t it?  If you agree, then
check out this no-brainer offer at

IMG_0014 To your freedom,

Bill Moist, Freedom Fighter

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P.P.S. Additional TIMED BONUS…If you enroll in the next 48
hours, I will provide 30minutes of my personal time, valued
at $200, to get you started in the best direction to achieve
your freedom.

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